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General information about the trip in Ikaria

By boat:Peiraus-Ikaria every day
Ikaria has got the port of Evdilos and Ag.Kirikos. It's better for us to come from the port of Evdilos(about 30 minutes) instead of Ag.Kirikos  90 minutes
A simple ticket from Peiraus to Ikaria costs about 35,00 euro and takes seven and half hours.From Ikaria  there is a connection with Syros, Τinos, Paros Naxos Mykonos Fournoi ans Samos dependent of the boat.

By boat from Kavala-Ikaria (ABOUT 39,00 EURO)
Twice or three times a week, and connection with the port of Limnos, Lesvos and Xios
Fot further informations please check the address below: http://www.openseas.gr/ or be in contact with the Port Authority of Evdilos 22750-31007 and Ag.Kirikos 22750-22207
Also there are flying dolphins and small boats for a traveling tour to the small island around Ikaria.More information from the Port Authority.

By airplane
Ikaria has the airport of Faros, In Ag.Kirikos.Arrivals from and to Athens daily (about 60,00 euro) http://www.olympicair.com/
From Thessaloniki Limnos and Krete
twice or three times a week. http://www.skyexpress.gr/
The European visiters have the choice to arrive in   Samos where there is charter flyings from several location in Europe (Germany, Holland United Kington) and from Samos the boat to Ikaria(duration 2,5 hours)

From the port or the airport to your destination, you have two choices: either by a taxi(the cost from the airport is 70,00 euro, from the port of Ag.kirikos 60,00 euro and evdilos 20,00 euro or by a rental car, which is the best way because of the lack of transportation and the big distances




Distances from Nas-Kato Raxes


6 klm


17 klm


54 klm


4 klm

Faros Airport

64 klm


30 klm


31 klm


6 klm